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Character Commissions

Looking for an illustration done of your character from your tabletop role playing games? Sarah is available to help bring them to life! Her most recent work can be viewed on her instagram, @ladyloon_art

Current Pricing:
£50/$75 for waist-up, B&W (+£25/$35 per additional character)
£75/$100 for full body, B&W / waist-up colour (+£50/$60 per additional character)
£100/$150 for full body, colour (+£50/$60 additional character)

Game Masters for Hire

Have a group but no one to run a game for you? We have a number of experienced GMs that would be more than happy to help. We can provide the full experience with maps, tokens, and story for you and your party of adventurers! Perfect for parties (birthday or otherwise)! Other systems are available as well if D&D is not the one for you.
Contact us for more information. (Starting at £50+£10/pp)