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GM is ill

Thirsty Sword Lesbians: Episode 7

December 3 @ 8:00 pm 11:00 pm

NOTE: Don’t let the episode number scare you away! New players are welcome. This is an episodic campaign wherein there is a pool of players. No experience in the system is required. Players join on the games they are free.

Thirsty Sword Lesbians is a game based around intrapersonal relations (not necessarily romantic), social justice, and DRAMA. It’s a PBtA system (playbooks, 2d6+modifyer). Saftety tools and consent forms are used for this game.

GM: Sarah

World brief:

When building this game, the players settled on Steampunk+Post apocolyptic+Western. And so, “The City” was born….
The world is mostly wasteland. There are groups that roam the “badlands”, but no one sane would live out there… at least according to most of those in the City.
The city is built on the ruins of what once was. The previous civilization is long gone, destroyed by various magical and chemical explosions… most of the machines that were used are no longer functional, or their purpose unknown. Giant mechanical statues lay dormant, deteriorated by time and the elements. 
The upper crust of society live in Central in the more towering structures of the City. There are bridges that span between buildings. Steam is making a move as a major technological advancement. There is a society of engineers exploring its reach.
The city sprawls outward, like a clock, which gives names to different districts of the city. The farther out you go, the more “wild” it gets. 
It feels as though the world population is seemingly kept to the City… but who knows what is really beyond… do you really want to go? You’d probably get eaten by the savages of the badlands if you tried…
Water is a big part of the economy. There is a big well below the centre of the city, controlled by those in charge. Other groups and communities could have access to smaller wells, which are usually controlled by gangs. Poorer areas don’t have any wells.

YOU are part of a mercenary group called Hades’ Ladies. You do odd jobs for anyone with the credits to pay you. Members of the Hades’ Ladies are as diverse as they come… but as they say opposites attract.


Online: FoundryVTT and Discord

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