Wayfarer's League

Where we play. Where we connect.

Who We Are


Wayfarer’s League was born out of our passion for tabletop gaming, food and drink, and creating amazing moments with friends, old and new. With these things in mind, we created an open and inclusive community dedicated to not only crafting adventures, but also memories and friendships.

We offer a range of free gaming events, workshops to get you started, and spaces for your own gaming exploits. A big part of Wayfarer’s League is creating a welcoming environment for new players. Everything we do is with that in mind.

Did I mention food? This is an important part of the League as we share information about hosting games! Our blog will include recipes for you to try yourself! As well as how to put on an amazing feast for your own adventuring party!

Come subscribe to our Youtube channel, where we’ll be sharing original content and replays of our Twitch Stream!

If you RSVP to one of our events, you’ll need to join our Discord server. There, you’ll meet the community and have up-to-date information on games and events. If you need any help with this process, email us and we’ll be happy to help!

We host GM Q&As, homebrewing sessions, Creative Art times (painting minis, digital painting characters, DND maps, etc), and more. Come check our Twitch Schedule for more information!

We are the Wayfarers

Sarah Lister


Sarah moved to England with her husband about 10 years ago. She worked in the entertainment industry until they had their first child. Since then she’s spent a few years running her own photography business, had two more children and moved twice. She taught herself D&D 5e and that has opened the world of tabletop role-playing games as a whole. She also met Katie, who you’ll be introduced to shortly.

Her entire life she’s loved creating – whether that be a painting, a story, or film. She’s always loved movies and story telling as a whole, which led her to get her initial degree in animation. But now, she takes what she’s learned from all parts of her life, her production/project management work, opening (and closing) her photography business, and created the Wayfarer’s League with her best friend. Together, they continue to dream of building a community of supportive gamers that create worlds and stories together.

Also cats and tea. They’re important.

She frequently shares her art on instagram:

Katie Thompson


Katie is always looking for an opportunity to create, whether that’s creating her latest RPG character, writing a song, preparing feasts or making an epic coffee. 

Her degree and subsequent experience in youth work has inspired her to always keep a youthful outlook on life, and thus found herself falling very easily in love with D&D and the way it encourages a playful use of one’s imagination. She loves having the opportunity to GM as it allows others a glimpse into her very silly psyche.

After discovering an immense love of coffee, she left her job in youth work to become a barista. Now, after years of training, she currently finds herself as the Head of Training for Artisan Coffee School, where she gets to not only teach about, but also taste some of the world’s best specialty coffee!

She currently resides in Ealing, but can totally see herself eventually opening a place in the country where the food and drink are to die for.

Matthew Fallaize


Originally from the island of Guernsey, Matthew moved to London to pursue a career as a performer having trained as an actor, singer, and musician. Whilst working towards his goals Matthew joined up with some roleplayers in the Isleworth area and began playing and running games regularly.

After 4 years of living in the city and some moderate success as a performer Matthew started pursuing gaming and streaming as a potential career by freelancing as a GM and streaming on Twitch. Gaming has become such a major part of his life that he at one point he was involved in six campaigns at the same time.

Feargus Hearn


Feargus is a lifelong lover of stories and storytelling; always on the lookout for new ideas. He lives and works in the Surrey hills as a school science technician and is passionate about helping the teachers he works alongside bring the magic of science to life.

His other passions include creating, whether that’s a new RPG character to play or a magic item for his players to use in one of his RPG campaigns. When running RPG adventures, he always finds time to make something fun and interesting for his players to explore.

He also enjoys siting down and watching a good film or playing a good video game whether with friends or on his own, he’s up for just about anything.

Where we’re going: Wayfarer’s Rest

The dream is to have a physical property in Godalming. An actual establishment where people, families, adults, kids, can all come and play games while enjoying some simple fare together.

A place where we can host events and take our friends and families and the local community on adventures. Where we can build community and memories together.

Any profits gained through our shop and memberships will be put towards this dream. In the meantime, the dream is simply to create a beauitful and solid community that supports each other, and plays games together.

You can help by spreading the word, joining our community, as well as becoming an official member of our site.

Happy gaming.