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New website!

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Well! Would you look at that! You may have noticed a few changes here at wayfarersleague.com. If you’ve been hanging around our Discord server, then you’ve heard about my struggles. But nevermind that! Here’s the very brief low-down with the new, updated, happy website!

  • You’ll need a new login.
    • We’ve moved from Wix to WordPress for our hosts. This means, that your old login wont work. Create a free wordpress account and then head to our homepage and submit your email address! That should do it. If you’d like to subscribe to the website for some happy perks, then you’ll need to register here: https://wayfarersleague.com/register/
  • All our events are now on ONE page! You’ll be able to see *everything* that’s on the calendar. Overwhelming? You can narrow down the events you see by searching for D&D, one-shot, campaign, in-person, etc.
    • If the event your looking at is locked behind a membership level, you can either become a member for early RSVP or wait a day or two for when it’ll open for general RSVPs.

That’s mainly it. We’ll be working at going through all our old blog posts to reformat and make sure they still work with the new system. But otherwise, we should be good to go!

Let us know what you think!

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