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March is “Mothership” month at Wayfarer’s League!

We are continuing our monthly themes in March with Mothership!

Mothership is a system created by the folks at Tuesday Night Games. There’s a long list of positive reviews for this one, on top of it winning an ENnie Award for Best Game in 2019! (And you can get a copy of it right now for Pay-What-You-Want on DriveThruRPG)

It’s a Sci-fi horror game that takes its influence from the Alien franchise as well as films like Event Horizon. In it you and your friends explore strange alien worlds, abandoned mining stations, and corporate black sites all while trying to survive the harsh and unforgiving universe.

Feargus will be running two workshops to teach you the system and get you started! Limited space within the workshop itself, but like last month, these sessions will be streamed on our Twitch channel. Please follow/subscribe so you know when we go live!

  • Date UPDATED 13/3: Character creation and game play: March 15th, 8pm – In this first workshop Fearg will take you through the process of creating a character and a general overview of how the Mothership system works.
  • Prep and Combat: March 18th, 3pm In this workshop Fearg will go through how to prepare to run a session in Mothership as well as combat.
  • One-shot! March 24th, 8pm – In this Final workshop of out Mothership month we will take everything we have learned and run a One-shot!

Come along and join us in this scary Sci-fi game so you can take your friends on your own horror-filled adventure.

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