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February is Savage Worlds month here at Wayfarer’s League

February is Savage Worlds month here at Wayfarer’s League!!

We will be hosting a series of workshops teaching you everything you need to know to run and play the Savage Worlds TTRPG system.

We’ll be covering Character Creation, Rules for Combat, the Savage Worlds’ Adventuring Toolkit (events: part 1 and part 2), all whilst creating our own original setting, and it will all culminate with a one-shot. All of this will be streamed live on the Wayfarer’s League Twitch channel.

Thanks to the very generous people at the Pinnacle Entertainment Group, everyone who attends the workshops will be gifted a free PDF copy of the Savage Worlds Core Rulebook. All you’ll need to do is make an account on their website, https://peginc.com/, and then let us know what email address you signed up with.

Savage Worlds is the original flexi system, and can be run in absolutely any setting you can imagine. There are also plenty of premade settings to choose from, such as the weird west setting of Deadlands (as seen on Critical Role’s “Undeadwood” series), the Victorian horror setting of Rippers, the pulp science fiction setting of Slipstream, and many more.

With plenty of options for character creation and customization, and an easy-to-follow ruleset, it’s a worthwhile system for any TTRPG enthusiast to get their teeth into.


Friday 3rd February 8:30-10:30 – Character Creation

Monday 6th February 8:30-10:30 – Running Combat

Sunday 12th February 7:30-10:30 – The Adventure Toolkit part 1 (Allies, Chases, Dramatic Tasks, Fear, Hazards, and Interludes)

Friday 17th February 8:30-10:30 – The Adventure Toolkit part 2 (Mass Combat, Networking, Quick Encounters, Setting Rules, Social Conflict, and Travel)

Monday 20th February 8:30-11:00 – One-shot

So come join us for the month of February to learn this incredibly versatile system, and expand your TTRPG horizons!

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