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£20 Character Commissions!!

I’m so excited to announce this! I’ll be opening up special live-streamed commissions. These will be £20 (unless you want to donate more) per character. They will be SKETCHES done live on Twitch. I really enjoyed doing these earlier this year and would like to continue!

Details. Details! DETAILS!

  1. They will be sketches and at the discretion of my artistic direction. What that means is, I’ll ask you questions and you help guide the direction (obviously, it’s your character), but they will be limited. These will be done quickly, digitally, and to my own personal standard. These will not be epic scenes, but character portraits. Colour will not be guaranteed. Level of “completion” will vary. I’ll drop examples below.
  2. You must purchase them DURING the stream. I will not take commissions outside of streaming and I will have limited slots. (see exception in #3). My first stream will be THIS FRIDAY, the 23rd, 10am bst. I will be doing it once a week, although what day will vary. They will likely be during the morning/day, maybe with a special evening one now and then, depending on interest and my availability.
  3. If you are a Guild Member or Artisan, you are allowed to purchase 1 commission per month outside of streaming. I’ll have a separate list and will requires specifics from you if you choose to take advantage of this offer.

Join our Discord and follow our Twitch channel to keep apprised when I go live. You can see examples of what I’ve done in the past below.

I look forward to bringing your characters to life!


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