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Wayfarer’s News: 2 years in the bag

2 years ago we launched Wayfarer’s League.

We opened our Discord server to the world and said “Hey, you wanna come play some games with us?” And some amazing people replied with, “Yes!” I’m so glad you all did. We wouldn’t be here without you.

One of my favourite things about being the co-creator and BBEG of this space, is reading the game channels and seeing the joy people are having in their own games. The inside jokes that grow, the adventures, and the friendships themselves – I love it.

Another is seeing GMs support other GMs and new GMs, as well as new players! The genuine openness, friendliness, and support everyone offers to each other here is really special and I don’t take it for granted.

The biggest thing, though, beyond that is seeing the difference this space has made in people’s lives across the world. It solidifies to me the importance of tabletop games – the healing they offer, the confidence that they can build, and the life-changing differences they absolutely make.

At the risk of sounding pompous and self-important – we’re not only learning games here, we’re not only having grand adventures, big laughs, and making dick jokes, but we’re making life-long friends, doing life together (however far from each other), sharing in our joys and sorrows, which makes massive differences in our lives. We’re a community of nerds who have found a safe group of people to be 100% authentically who we are, unapologetically, which includes being able to be fantasy characters wielding epic weapons and magic. Which I think is pretty cool.

I love you all. Cheers!


I (Katie) would like to echo what Sarah has said, by reinforcing how much this community has meant to me over the past two years.

Last year, just before our first anniversary party we discovered that we were expecting our Avery. Since then, I have become a mother and moved to Godalming, to be close to Ted, Sarah and the kids, because being part of a community and “doing life” together has been of the utmost importance in my life. I need Avery to be brought up in the same way I was, where family and friends are interchangeable and a sense of belonging is a vital part of growing up.

Wayfarer’s League has brought back to me the beauty of being part of a community. We are a community full of adventure, creativity, humour, big ideas, acceptance, diversity and most of all genuine compassion for one another. All united through our love of playing games together.

I am excited that my son gets to grow up within this extraordinary group of humans and I cannot wait to see what our third year together will bring.

If you have found us and haven’t experienced this community yet, you are more than welcome to jump in, find a seat at any table and join the conversation on Discord. We’re happy to have you. Links to our Discord server and games can be found on the home page of our website.

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