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Wayfarer’s Raising Money for Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund

There is no escaping the news over the past two weeks. War has come, once again to Europe and there are millions of Ukrainians who are being displaced and suffering. In the midst of being devastated at witnessing the worst of what humans can do, it is hard not to be awestruck by the good. The most moving being the love and hospitality shown to Ukrainian refugees throughout Europe.

As a truly global community, Wayfarer’s League Ltd. felt that, even though many of us will not be able to help Ukrainians physically, we can pool our resources and talents to raise money for organisations who have boots on the ground. That is why, we have set aside this week, to do what we can to raise money for https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/ukraine-crisis-relief-fund/, a Global Non-Profit that aims to provide: Shelter, food, and clean water for refugees; health and psychosocial support; access to education and economic assistance – And more.

Starting today (Monday the 7th) to Wednesday the 9th of March from 10:00-13:00

Sarah will be live streaming hear amazing TTRPG character art! For a minimum donation of £10 she will bring your most beloved characters to life with her vibrant style. Just tune into https://www.twitch.tv/wayfarers_league, At 10am, “Donate” through our channel and make your request through the chat! Here is what she’s already done:

Tuesday, 8th of March, 20:30

The Monster Hearts 2: Rooksville Chronicles, stream continues with the third episode of the series! It’s a TTRPG involving the dramatic lives of teenagers, except these ones are secretly monsters too. You can watch our previous streams on Youtube (link). It’s full of sexual tension, weaving of webs and manipulation, rumours and reputations, and more. Truly entertaining viewing, drop in, show support and donate!

Friday, 11th of March, 20:30

Everchosen: you can find this crazy band of misfits working their way through Feargus’s homebrew world of Hrud, across the continent Nikadian, trying to root out cultists in very….unusual….ways.

The Main Events:

On the Weekend of 12th and 13th of March, we will be running a variety of live streamed events, via Twitch. We are going to donate all subs and tips raised during our streams to Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund. Events will include:

Saturday, 12th of March:

14:00-16:00 Goblin Quest with special guests: Watch this chaotic TTRPG, as family of goblins with unusual talents and absurd ambitions, work together to see all their dreams come true… Expect a lot of goblin casualties.

Cast includes: Feargus, Badger, Katie, Rob B., Psykit, and Bree of Fumblefolks. & Sarah will be GM’ing this madness.

19:00-21:00 Homebrew Labs Special: This community favourite will be hosted by none other than our own, Badger Fallaize. In this episode the crew will be Creating a new 5E character race and sub-class. He will be accompanied by guest creator Ben, from The Fumble Folks, as well as a very special guest artist, Charles Lister. This is NOT to be missed!

21:00-23:30 Phasmophobia: We are doing this video game live stream by special request. There’s a ghost haunting the house. Our crew of four will go in and use tools to figure out what kind of ghost it is. However, if they take too long, sanity will lower, and the ghost gets angry and attacks!! Join us and make donations to have players do tasks alone in the house, or even request specific maps, or just come along and watch them get freaked out over everything. Players are TBD, except Feargus; Feargus will be playing.


10:00-12:00 Behind the GM Screen: Sarah and Sam will be taking you behind the Games Master Screen and building a D&D 5e campaign! Each episode focuses (as much as they’re able to) on different parts of building out the campaign. This will include side quests, maps, locations, and more. We’ll take questions and probably suggestions too!

13:00-16:00 Minecraft Olympics: The Minecraft Olympic Arena will host 5 main events including the High Dive, Archery, and a parkour race. The game will be hosted on the Wayfarer’s League Minecraft server, making the arena a permanent feature for the future. Come cheer on the contestants during this video game live stream!

16:00-18:00 GMs Chat: Join Sarah and a few other Wayfarer’s League Games Masters for a cup of tea and conversation. This is a general Q&A time where you can bring us your questions, all revolving around tabletop roleplaying games, both running and playing.

20:00 Special One-shot (details TBD)

A Raffle – To be drawn live throughout the day on stream on Sunday. If you would like to donate something to the raffle, get in touch, but so far we have some AMAZING prizes donated by very generous Wayfarers. Some of the prizes include:

Several D&D Beyond Books, (to be chosen by the winner)

1 year subscription to DropOut

1 year Guild Membership to Wayfarer’s League

£100 Gift Card for Steam

Full Character Art Commission by Sarah Lister

and more…

You can buy RAFFLE TICKETS, £5 for 10 entries (link to paypal, please reference the raffle and #of tickets).

Please get in touch via DM on our Discord or in an email and let us know if you have anything you would like to donate to the raffle, or if you would like to be involved in one of our live streams, (some events may still have spaces available).

We have already been blown away by our community’s enthusiasm and generosity. We know that this week will be a lot of fun, but it is important that we never forget why we are coming together and giving so generously of our time, talents and resources: To stand united in our love and care for those displaced by the horrors of war in Ukraine.

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