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Rooksville High Rag

We streamed our first episode of our Monsterhearts campaign! You can find this epsiode of Rooksville Chronicles, our Monsterhearts2 campaign stream, on youtube. Please like and leave a comment and let us know what you think!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Od-2h4ldJA

The next episode can be watched live on our Twitch channel on Tuesday, the 22nd at 8:30pm GMT. See you there!

Welcome back Ravens!!

I hope everyone had a great Spring Break. We’re back for a brand-new semester at school, for some of us our last semester as high schoolers, so yay for all of us who are on the road to graduation.

We’ve only been back a day, and already there’s a lot going on.

To start things off, the prom committee has formed and has begun planning the biggest dance of the school year. Poppy and Felicity are on the committee again, which I think we all know means that they’re probably running the whole show, but at least they know how to put on a good shindig. I had a little chat with Felicity after school to get the inside scoop on the plans for prom. The theme is going to be “The Fairy Realm”. Well, here’s one senior who is already searching for a pair of wearable butterfly wings.

Speaking of which, Poppy also announced that she’ll be hosting a party this weekend, so make sure to be ready for a wild time.

Also joining the prom committee are new students Scarlet and Cassidy. Good to see that the school spirits are high, even amongst the newbies. Though apparently Cassidy may have had an ulterior motive for joining the committee. Eye witness accounts say that Cassidy was flirting with Poppy during the meeting. Scandalous as ever, especially because we all know how Cassidy’s cousin, Kitty, feels about Poppy.

By the sounds of it, Cassidy will have some competition when it comes to Poppy, as it seems that Poppy and Nathan had a more than romantic encounter Monday evening. Could this be the start of a new couple, or one more heartstring for Poppy to play with and dangle from her fingertips?

Seems the bunker may be out as the place to be after school now. Everyone went straight for The Sheikh after the final bell. This cute 50’s style diner opened up over the break and it’s really quite charming.

Sam was present, and unmissable as ever, showing friendly attention to the other new kid in school, Nigel. Nigel apparently comes from Britain. Very exotic. By all accounts Nigel had quite the first day at school, being ambushed by Poppy and her posse. Apparently, Felicity was showing him a lot of attention as well before Sam swooped in. Maybe some sparks will fly, maybe not. Time will tell. Nigel had been hanging out with Kitty and her cousin, Cassidy, after school before the two girls took off chasing a fire engine up the street like a pair of Labradors.

Hahaha, jokes! Only kidding girls.

Speaking of which, did you guys hear about the fire that happened up at the Tennyson Lumber Mill? Crazy stuff. Thankfully the fire was contained to a single warehouse, and the firefighters were able to control the situation. Good to know things are all good and safe up at Rooksville’s largest employers.

That’s all for now sexy people, I’ll catch you all this weekend at Poppy’s party.

Signing off,

Your girl,



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