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A campaign round up: What’s happened so far in the Everchosen game.

As some of you may know by now, we have started to stream one of our regular campaigns on our Twitch channel every Friday night! Since that campaign is now a little over 1 year old, woooo, I thought it would be nice to catch you all up on everything that’s happened so far, both before and after we started streaming and also introduce the world we play in. So, prepare for a tale of laughter, sadness, chaotic players, and a DM slowly losing his mind. Fun, right?


The campaign is set in the world of Hurd, on the continent of Nikadian, roughly 1000 years after the great calamity – an almost cataclysmic war between the gods that scarred the world and split the continents. The continent of Nikadian is split between the 5 northern kingdoms, the Nesari empire to the east, and the kingdom of Rysta to the west.

At the time of the campaign’s start, the northern kingdom of Loria and the Nesari empire were on the brink of war. And with the uneasy alliance between the kingdom of Rysta and the Nesari empire on the edge of collapse, the likely hood of all-out war across the continent has never been higher.

With the foundation of the world set, let’s begin the recap….


Our campaign started in the northern kingdom of Loria in the small town of Summerfall. The party met for the first time in the Honeycomb Inn during the town’s midsummer festival. At this time, the party consisted of Hubert, Marisk, Kez, and Frey. As the group started to introduce themselves, the celebrations of the town were cut short by the cries of a young girl who had stumbled into town covered in blood and claiming her family was attacked on the road by a gang of goblins. The group offered their services in hunting down these goblins to the town’s Alderman, who readily accepted as he would need time to gather the armed guards needed. Heading to the scene of the ambush, the group followed a set of tracks to a small hill the goblins had made their lair in. Exploring the lair, the group found the goblins in the middle of some sort of ritual led by a human in strange robes. When they attacked the goblins, the human vanished! After defeating the goblins and freeing the captives, the group searched the rest of the hideout and found a hidden library with arcane books written in a language none of them could read. They returned to Summerfall with the rescued family and celebrated the victory.


The next day the group decided to head to the nearby city of Bergate, seeking information about the books they found and to look for more work. In Bergate, they headed to the local archives. It turned out that the books from the goblin’s lair were written in Abyssal and are about the calamity and the splitting of a god into four pieces! Afterward, the group met a shady underworld boss known as The Collector who had a job for them smuggling some Fiss, a hallucinogenic, into the city. This job led the group to a swampy hideout on the road between Bergate and the town of Dearstark.

After that, the group did some work for the city investigating disappearances close to a sewer entrance in the upper part of the city. This investigation lead to a hideout that seemed to belong to a cult known as the Children of Four. With this, the captain of the city guard along with one of the city’s judges gave the group more work investigating this cult. This lead them to a warehouse in the western part of the city. In the group’s raid of the cult’s warehouse, they ended up blowing it and a large part of the western district up.

The group was brought before the lord of the city, and they explained that the cult was trying to start a war between the kingdom of Loria and the Nesari empire and that there was an impostor within the queen’s court! That’s when Marina and Jon joined the party. The two of them were in the lord’s court for their own reasons and hearing this, they decided to join this adventure.

The party set out to warn the queen as well as complete a job for the Collector (which was to steal an artefact from a rival lord). Having stolen the artefact while on the road, a strange orb known as a dragon memory egg, they headed to the capital to further investigate the cult and worn the queen about the traitor in her court.

However, after a long time investigating who the inside man in the queen’s court was, they still lacked hard proof (and were almost executed for accusing a lord without it). The group did manage to draw out the traitor during the trial-by-combat when the queen was attacked and the party saved her. The queen rewarded the party with the royal seal and instructed them to find and root out all cult activity within her kingdom.

Unfortunately, as she let the group go, she said there was nothing that could be done to stop the upcoming war.

The group headed back to Bergate as they wanted to wrap up some debts they had with the Collector and so took on another job for him to earn some coin and clear their names. He wanted the group to steal an artefact from an auction house from the city of Midtown in the kingdom of Bol.

As the group enter the city of Midtown, they immediately get to work scouting out the Salt Road Auction House – the location of the desired artefact. After a day of watching the comings and goings of the staff, and thanks to some smooth talking from Frey, they confirmed the location of the artefact inside the building. They continued to scouting the next day and formulated several plans, eventually deciding to use some of their Polyweed to “hotbox” the auction and steal the artefact in the ensuing chaos. After a chaotic heist, where the group got out with the artefact by the skin of their teeth, they headed back south to Bergate and delivered the artefact (known as the Folding Kingdom of Zimyt the Eternal Sun) to the Collector.

Now they were all caught up, the group spent a day shopping for new gear and decided what to do next: continue to follow the leads on the cult they have or see what the Collector wants with so many magical artefacts that seem to be linked to dragons and their old kingdoms.

If you would like to see where the story goes from here, what adventures the group get up to, as well as all the personal stories (like Hubert’s search for redemption through religion or Frey’s struggle with her dark past as a killer for an organised crime organisation) then come and join us every Friday 20:30 GMT over on our Twitch channel. You can also catch up on Youtube for any missed episodes!

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