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Everchosen: Meet the Party

At Wayfarer’s League we have a lot of campaigns on the go. One such campaign is run by our very own Feargus, and has been running since the beginning of lockdown 2020. For those of you who have been with us for a while, you will know that we have recently started live streaming this game every Friday on our Twitch Channel. We thought it may be a good idea to give you some background to the characters so you get a better feel for them when you tune in.

This party is a ragtag group of misfits who are very broken. We didn’t intend for this to happen, but Feargus is really good at making things emotional. What I mean is, he took parts of our backstories, wove them into our campaign, and created character-building situations. This has caused our characters to grow so much that, honestly, none of us are playing the same characters we brought to the table all those months ago.

If you start to watch our game, you will very quickly discover that (in the midst of some very silly times) there are bitter sweet moments that each character goes through, simply brought on by our conversations with one another.

Now to introduce you to the party of The Broken (one of the many titles for this group, that will inevitably change):



Played by Christopher

Kez is a well built Human Ranger. He has a scruffy appearance that seems deliberate, as if he is always living in the wild (even after staying at a nice inn in the capital). He has mousey blonde hair, decent stubble, and never goes anywhere without his bow. He doesn’t talk much about his childhood, but his later years were spent living with Halflings in the mountains, where he learnt how to track, hunt, and survive. His exposure to magic was almost non-existent before joining the party, but since then he has developed an intense interest in it and has been looking for opportunities to learn and develop his own magical abilities. Kez is also one of the most sensible and trustworthy party members. He recently volunteered himself to be used as an experiment subject so that the group could determine if one of their insane plans would work. The result of which meant he spent a good couple hours as a cat.





Played by Isobel

She’s a Teifling Sorcerer with long purple hair and turquoise skin covered in tiny scales. She always wears a black cloak with the hood pulled up to conceal her face as much as possible. Her neck, shoulders and upper arms are covered in brands and tattoos, but she tries to hide them as much as possible. Frey has a tendency to brandish her weapons in any given situation, from the great-club she has strapped to her back to the daggers she keeps tucked into her thigh-high black leather boots. She is very much a loose cannon; her background as a drug dealer and hitman for an infamous drug cartel leaving her with very little remorse and a tendency to be distrustful of all those around her. While she often acts solely in her own interest, usually resulting in irritation or harm to the rest of her party, she is slowly learning to accept her fellow adventurers as friends (and is trying not to set them on fire quite as much as she has done in the past!). Frey has taken a really long time to warm up to the group, however they are very slowly beginning to chisel away at the walls she built around herself for protection.


Played by Leigh

This Half-Orc Blood Hunter is built more like a tall (6’5″), athletic and toned Human rather than an Orc. In fact, if it wasn’t for his green-hued skin and a fairly short set of pronounced pointed teeth, he could easily pass as Human (it’s not easy being green…). He is very considered in his speech and respectful of others, which was instilled in him by his human parents. He has a desire to do right by people and try to make up for the Orc part of himself that so much of society assumes the worst of.

He wears studded leather armour, generally with bare arms, upon which you can see numerous small scar lines from his invocations of blood magic. He carries a double bladed scimitar in a scabbard at his waist and a quarter staff (with Frey’s teeth marks in one end). His favourite weapon is his crossbow though. He has a penchant for experimentation with dipping his crossbow bolts in just about anything which might be vaguely unhealthy or explosive to see what happens. When twinned with the blood magic, it can prove particularly devastating and powerful and even quite amusing in the form of a Cultist Beaver or (temporary) pet bird for Hubert.

Marisk was born to a village leader’s wife as a result of an awful incident with an orc raiding party. Despite the circumstances of his conception, the couple decided to keep the child and try to raise something good out of the originally evil act. He grew up and was educated among human children and although he was accepted, he never felt like he truely belonged. He appreciated his parents and all they did for him, and when he learned of how he came into being, he decided he would do whatever he could in whatever small way to prevent anything like it happening to anyone else again.

He struck out on his own from the village in search of the Orc raiding party but hasn’t yet found them, just rumors and stories of their existence. Along the way he met some like-minded folk who listened to his story and introduced him to the ways of the Bloodhunter. It seems like he had a natural ability to harness this type of magic, and was very keen to put it to good use in laying waste to evil in whatever form it may take. He parted ways from the group after a few years, always in the back of his mind the desire for retribution for his mother and in search of the raiding party… until he joined up with his current group, and the rest as they say is history.




Played by Katie

A Half-Orc Barbarian with a heart of gold. He stands a whopping 6’10” and has grey green skin and reddish brown eyes. He rarely wears a shirt, but will wear a military type jacket in the coldest months. And oddly enough, during a night of celebratory drinks, he somehow acquired a monkey-like tail which has something of a personality.

He doesn’t know much about his mother, but does know that she was from a noble family and kidnapped by an Orc tribe for ransom. Having been impregnated, her family (who would rather see their daughter killed then have the shame of being violate by an Orc) refused to pay the ransom for her return. She was kept as a slave where she died giving birth to Hubert. During his Childhood he suffered a brain injury which caused him to be simple minded with sensitive emotions. In an attempt to break him of his feelings, the tribe chose to put him in situations of intense violence. During a particularly brutal training session, he blacked out. When he came-to, Hubert found himself covered in blood and surrounded by the bodies of his tribe. He fled without hesitation and set out to find more about his human side. To make a living, he was hired by a group of mercenaries where he has been until recently.

Hubert’s past comes to haunt him whenever he is in tense situations. With the help of Marina, Hubert has been able to discover that he can find solace in following The Daughter. His hew religion has given him hope that things may get better. The party is his tribe and he would die for each of them… if he doesn’t accidentally kill them first.









Played by Jack

John is a 6′ 2″ tall Human Fighter, with broad shoulders, long black hair, a platted black beard and pale white skin. He comes from the northern kingdom of Ironwood and does not know who is real parents are. He was left under a table in a tavern and was raised by the tavern owner and his Half-Elf wife who taught John Elvish. They taught John how to run a tavern, serve drinks, and a little bit of flirting.

Now he’s on a journey to find who his real parents are. On the way, he found Marina and shortly thereafter, the party. He is doing what he can to aid the party, but always feels a bit distracted with the thought of finding out who his parents are and why they left him behind. John is known as the party’s “ideas man.” His ideas are usually pretty insane, but from time to time they do pay off!










Played by Matthew

Marina is a very slight, Half-elf Divination Wizard, whose mother left her with her father shortly after her birth. She started training with her godfather, Master Tavrinth (a very powerful wizard), from the age of 6. Once she came of age she was promoted to full time apprentice.

After she moved to the tower, she rarely left but to visit her father. However, not too long ago she began having disturbing dreams that indicated a world changing event. This moved her to investigate their cause and, with some hope, aid in stopping anything too horrible from happening. She packed her bags and headed out with very little experience but lots of heart. Shortly thereafter she found a travel companion in John and consequently found the rest of the party at a hearing of sorts.

Marina has been something of a group therapist. She is painfully awkward and clumsy, but has wormed her way into even the hardest heart in the the group (Frey). She recently had an all night bender with Hubert, invented a cocktail (the Wizard & Barbarian), and gave away her spellbook to a shop she “just felted needed one.” She has since vowed to never drink that much again.


This crew has been through a lot together and have just made it to level 7! There will be another post coming soon that will fill you in on the antics of these folks, but you can check out our previous streams on our YouTube channel, and if you want to take part in what the crew do from week-to-week via the text chat on Twitch, we are very susceptible to peer pressure.

You can catch us live, every Friday evening from 8:30 BST, on our Twitch stream. If you have seen an episode or two, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. One thing, though, the crew is taking a break this Friday… so they’ll be back on the 23rd of July!

In the meantime, go give those channels a follow/subscribe/likes, and we’ll see you at the table!

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