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The Battle Royale Update!

Hello! Vivicka here, The Grand Overlord’s esteemed assistant here in Vasairi, the fifth level of Pentiir (the lawful evil planes). The Battle Royale has been a huge success! The blood lust and carnage we’ve seen on the battlefield is delightful (and I’m happy to report that The Grand Overlord himself is tickled with how well it’s going! Which means, I am too).

The first two rounds are complete! If you’d like to see either of them, you can find them here (our Youtube channel. Please subscribe…please?). I’ll refrain from telling you who won until the bottom of this page, in case you’d like to be surprised. The final battles will be taking place on Sunday 23rd at 7pm BST and the big final is on June 6th, 7pm BST. We stream all of it on Twitch.tv/wayfarers_league. Go give us a follow and you’ll get a lovely little *ping* when we go live.

Each of our contestants are truly unique, and as we go into the final rounds, we’d like to introduce them to you…

Team ASS

This glorious team is a hodgepodge from across the material plane, hand picked by yours-truly. They are a sight to behold.

Flourish (Played by Katie)

Half-elf, Bard, College of Glamour

He is one you must experience for yourself!

“B****, I’m fabulous.”

Guinog (Played by Jonathan)

Human variant, Ranger, Gloom Stalker

Guinog is the Elven word for “chattel,” and this skittish former slave-soldier has the mark of House Baenre of Menzoberranzan tattooed on his neck. Human slaves do not generally last long in the Underdark, but Guinog is a pragmatic survivalist who demonstrated a knack with a hand crossbow. This allowed him to demonstrate enough utility to stay alive, at least until he was snatched by devilish talent-seekers.

Yesola Forestbones (Played by Yennith)

Ghostwise Halfling, Cleric, Death Domain

Yesola Forestbones is a Vassal of Black Hound. Upon discovering that her halfling brethren were not returning to the earth, but turning undead instead, they were charged by Urogalan to investigate this death curse. As they were seeking a relic that could help with their mission, they discovered a stone flower platform with a portal. During a fierce battle, they fell through and ended up in a strange land, pulled into another battle for the whims of an Archfey.

Elliot (Played by Feargus)

Warforged, Hexblade Warlock, Divine Sorcerer

A warforged who doesn’t know who his creator was, Elliot spent his first years roaming the woods and towns that surrounded the tower he woke up in. He came across a sword that told him it could answer all his questions so long as he helped the sword. Elliot agreed and gained magical abilities. On one particular adventure, he entered a haunted house and came out with a second soul – that of a little girl.

Phineas Stine “Finesse” (Played by Ruby and Fi)

Earth Genasi, Oathbreaker Paladin, Barbarian, Path of the Totem Warrior

Born Phineas Stine into the Holy Oath of the Ancients, Finesse hailed from a small mountain village. The only Earth Genasi, Phineas’s father knew he would gain attention for how different he looked from the other kids, so Finesse decided to dictate the attention. From telling outlandish stories to playing pranks on the mayor’s retinue, Finesse was accustomed to being the talk of Raven’s Peak.

One evening, after learning of the tragic accident that befell the visiting Renfroe family, Finesse was woken by a beating, ripped from his bed, and dragged off in the dead of night by a roving band of slavers. Kept in darkness for weeks, the next time Finesse saw daylight was when he stepped out into the gladiatorial ring, and quickly learned the boy who played pranks would never survive the bloodstained sands. With only his weapons, his will to survive, and his wits, Phineas Stine had to break his vows, turn his back on the order of light, and allow his soul to die so Finesse Augustine could survive the ring.

Player Flayers

This is a very interesting collection, I must say, and almost an original party, too! I was quite pleased with that. I selfishly hope a couple will stay on staff once the Royale is complete.

Blayze (Played by Vi)

Protector Aasimar, Bladesinging Wizard
The leader of the team, Blayze is a man who means business. Under the careful tutelage of his High Elf mentor, Blayze mastered the ancient art of the Bladesong, a mesmerising mix of magic, dance, and sword fighting. He is extremely dedicated to his team, loyalty is of the utmost importance to him.

“Eat flames!”

The Flayed One (Played by Rob)

Eladrin Elf, Divination Wizard

A wretched memory of an Elf, the Eladrin diviner trades in grim portents. He avoids the gaze of death by wearing the flayed visage of those who should be living. Called many vile names, fleshcrafter, skinthief, skinner, The Flayed One is a haggard and broken Elf, supported by a staff of grinning bone and wearing the capes of the fallen. He will hide beneath frail forms of mortal kind while all else withers.

“In the end all flesh withers, you shall be but dust and failure before my inexorable gaze.”

He stands at a crooked 5 ft, in a face that is not his own, fighting with the player flayers for an undisclosed contract fee -the skinthief, the facesnatcher – in search of your smile.

He-Who-Casts (Played by Blue Tom)

Yuan-ti Pureblood, Swarmkeeper Ranger, Cleric, Forge Domain

He-Who-Casts was born into an ordinary middle-class Yuan-ti Pureblood household. At that time, his father was infatuated with tribal culture and was dead set on naming his child in a becoming manner: after the first thing he’d see. The first thing daddy dearest saw was his firstborn casting a shadow, so he started filling out the appropriate form: “He-Who-Casts…” – the mother intervened before the name got more needlessly ridiculous than it already was.

Bearing such a “gift” from his father, He-Who-Casts tried to act accordingly, joining the local snake-scouts and attempting to engage in those activities his daddy dearest considered authentically tribal (don’t ask). At some point he got fed up and fled the home country. Looking foreign and having such a memorable name, He-Who-Casts just went along with the stereotypes (like coming up with a sssilly accent) and made them part of his day-to-day modus operandi. Mostly in order to avoid unnecessary questions and drawn out explanations.

His scout skills helped him land a decent job as an urban bounty hunter (which means that the majority of his time was spent using his cohort of magical flying serpents to perform mundane and simple tasks like rescuing cats stuck on trees).

Heavens and Hells only know why would anyone pick this poor fella’ for any kind of grand event.

Miracle Archer (Played by Sam)

Human, Battle Master Fighter, Cleric, War Domain

The Miracle Archer gave up his name many years ago. His family taken by Demons, he swore to destroy all their kind, whatever the cost. Blessed by the god of revenge he honed his skills as an archer and dealt death out from afar in droves. Demons fell for years until he was noticed. The Grand Overlord offered him a spot in the great arena to fight for his amusement, and in return he would assist him in his endeavours. “Whatever it takes,” he the archer said to himself, “And when I’m done with the lower planes, the Overlord can be dealt with…”

Zno (Played by David)

Yuan-ti Pureblood, Clockwork Soul Sorcerer, Cleric, Peace Domain

Zno has been told that it is uncomfortable to be consumed by flames, as your mind is pierced by psychic needles, so he tries to not do it very often. But sometimes your armor gets rust spots, sometimes your scales get itchy, and sometimes others get in the way of your divine purpose. Then what is a snake to do but oil their armor, lotion their scales, and impose their awesome arcane might on those who are confused enough about their place in life to get in the way?


So much shame, pain and anger in this band of less-than-merry folk. So much desire for revenge, some on their part… and perhaps some on ours…

Cato Ilstard (Played by Rosie)

Dark Elf, Fiend Warlock

On paper, Cato had everything, and yet nothing was ever enough. He grew up in the lap of luxury, with successful parents, whom no amount of brilliance, effort or effortlessness could satisfy, or keep tethered at home for more than a few days at a time. And for all his booksmart genius and pretentious charm, he never learned how to know when he was being used. Life on his own quickly ate him alive; losing his past to a malevolent curse, his future to a fiend who promised he could break it, and any hope of returning home to a burning and secretive sense of shame. In his precious present seconds, when he’s not fighting for his life or running diabolical errands, he enjoys attention and sophisticated pastry.

Gregory (Played by Christopher)

Mountain Dwarf, Oath of Conquest Paladin

A retired war general, Gregory has spent his whole life fighting the armies of darkness.

He’s been happily spending his retirement with his wife Brunhilde running a sanctuary for former war animals. As fearsome as he was in his younger years, he now enjoys nothing more than to sit by the fire with his family.

Linconus Voortham (Played by Mark)

Human Variant, Barbarian, Path of the Totem Warrior

Linconus is a shamed-fuelled barbarian, determined to find a good home for his anger. While he clean-shaves his face, his animal spirit guide has made him dense with a thick fur under his clothes and he hates it. While sleeping, it’s impossible to know where he begins and his favoured bearskin sheet ends.

This anger is always bubbling away and his reckless abandon while fighting represents his true nature. He is simply looking to hit and get hit. Will one more kill heal his wounds? He will certainly find out.

Tumolt (Played by Andre)

High Elf, Hunter Ranger, Druid, Circle of the Land

Tumolt has lived a very tragic life. He was abandoned at birth and was sent away from the orphanage at a young age. He lived on the streets when he learned how to use a bow and slowly became the man he is today. As long as he has a bow in his hand he can get through anything, and the only goal he has in life is to pay back all the people who abandoned him.

Wyn Ralofaren (Played by Chris D)

High Elf, Abjuration Wizard, Cleric, Life Domain

As a young elf, Wyn loved reading and learning. Then a terrible experience where an unknown but powerful demon appeared and killed his whole family. He trained to become a Cleric to quiet the torment and chase away darkness. After a few years, he rediscovered his love of learning and realised he really wanted to be a Wizard, a dream that had been lost to his younger days. Now he travels the land, picking up new skills and abilities, hoping one day he might have the opportunity for vengence.

Global Goons

What a passionate band of misfits! If they can’t steal your heart, double check you have a pulse – or perhaps we already own your soul.

Bark (Played by Traz)

Bugbear, Fighter, Echo Knight

Bark started life out as a experiment – humans taking Bugbear infants, training them to obey and fight like a soldiers, whilst giving them alchemical and arcane treatments to manifest unique abilities. After several failures, Bark and a handfull of others were a success. Perfect in the time of war, but once the war had ended the Bugbear forces were too much to handle. To not completely waste them, they were sent to the arenas to entertain as Gladiators until they had need of them.

Amber (Played by Joshua)

Forest Gnome, Oath of Devotion Paladin

Amber is a sassy and outgoing Forest Gnome. Her sense of adventure is strong and she loves nothing more then to be a town hero. She’s also not afraid to get her hands dirty, nor to speak her mind to anyone that talks down to her or thinks she’s less capable of being the hero the people need. Don’t underestimate this firecracker! She’s not scared of anything and is always the first in line when faced with a fight.

Baeza Reekial (Played by Isobel and Al)

Cleric, Life Domain

Baeza always knew there was more to life than a quiet, predictable existence in the family nest. So, at a young age she set out in search of the adventures she knew she was destined for, her pockets always full of little trinkets symbolising the gods and goddesses she had been taught to worship at home. Now, after having been initiated into a merry band of rag-tag adventurers, she draws on those divine powers for the purposes of aiding her friends. She stays true to her designated role as the capable but often mildly exasperated healer of the group, and tries to not to roll her eyes too much when one of her gang gets themselves into a bit of trouble.

May Jay Highland (Played by Lily)

Halfling, Monk, Way of the Open Hand

May Jay was born in the smallest village lost in the vastness of the Forgotten Realms. She was bullied for her small stature and retreated to the woods where she would spend hours meditating. Her quickness and strong will could help a team during combat but she does struggle with basic social cues. May Jay thinks most of the time people are making fun of her which gets her into fights more often than not.

Victor Tamebrook (Played by Forest)

Human Variant, Battlemaster Fighter

Victor grew up among the minor nobility of the Versant Graff. As a young child he fast bonded with a slightly older noble boy. As years went by their bond grew stronger, and the young man’s family offered Victor the chance to be his bodyguard. Through years of hard training, Victor mastered his role and vowed to never let harm come to his precious charge. He honed his shooting, sniping songbirds darting amongst the trees, providing exotic meat for their meals. Victor and his charge were in the capital when the Hooked Legion invaded. Despite his best efforts, Victor couldn’t save the only thing that mattered. After burying his love in the forest they, and their love, grew up in, Victor became lost. And all the more dangerous for it.


Don’t we have a lovely collection of mortals to put before you for your entertainment?! Come and watch. Have a look below to see where each team stands and tune in to find out who will be granted freedom, who will be spending eternity with myself and the Grand Overlord, and who will fall victim to the lowest levels and the dreadful creatures that populate them.

Please comment below, and do join us in the chat during the event!

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