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Wayfarer’s League Official BATTLE ROYALE!!

My friends… it’s happening. This is something we have been talking about and are really looking forward to doing. We’re doing a Mutha Flippin’ Battle Royale.

Ok, I’ll explain! We’ve got a battle map of an arena for two teams to fight in. The teams are made up of 5 player characters, using the D&D 5e system. We’ll do elimination rounds and the last time standing are the victors! Myself (Sarah) and Fallaize will be alternating GM’ing the fights (although we are discussing co-GMing).

Do you need a team to join in? NO! Just go RSVP on the event and join us on Discord, riding the Hype Train all the way to Sunday! If you don’t have a team by the 24th, we’ll assign you one!

Don’t want to play? YOU CAN STILL GET INVOLVED! We’ll be streaming this on Twitch (voices only) so if you don’t want to fight, you can watch and cheer on the players! Get involved in the chat and discuss the game with other spectators.


Pure combat! Roleplay for flavour! Shade-throwing encouraged!

  • Each team will be five players. You can build your own teams or, if you don’t have a team by the deadline, you can be assigned one. Design uniforms! Have a battle cry! Team names are a must! Have fun with it!
  • Please NOTE that we will be streaming this over Twitch to make this a proper community event! Players will not be on camera, but voices will be broadcasted. The map and GM running it will be visible. If you aren’t playing, come join in on the chat!
  • There will be a tournament chart to keep track of the teams and it’ll be up on the website! Updates will be made on our blog.
  • The battle map will be kept hidden until the first round. Everyone will fight on the same map but we will make slight alterations each time so no one gets any particular advantage. Each round will have a new map, all the way to the final.
  • Winners will level up and be awarded magic items to be carried over to the following rounds.
  • Character sheets need to be finalized by the 24th to avoid cheating. The winners will level up so there will be the chance later to react to what other teams have played.


April 25th, 7pm, will be the first round, but we’ll be taking your teams through this colosseum-style battle royale, running fortnightly until the finale. Last one standing is the VICTOR! We’ll post the schedule once teams are more solidified.

Character creation:

  • Level 6. No Homebrew. Wizards of the Coast Published materials only.
  • Point buy or standard array.
  • Health Points should be calculated using Average values.
  • Starting gold OR equipment only. Sell equipment for half-cost, buy equipment at listed price in the books. Gold cannot be pooled between all members of the team.
  • NOTE:
  • No Artificers
  • No Lucky Feat. Other feats are ok. (The Lucky Racial trait for Halflings will also be allowed)
  • Human Variant is allowed.
  • Encumberance rules should be taken with a grain of salt and use common sense. However, as per RAW, Strength requirements for armour must be met otherwise speed is reduced by -10 feet.
  • No healing potions in starting equipment, but healing magic is ok.
  • Teams can have multiple PCs of the same class, however they must have different sub-classes.
  • Multiclassing is allowed.
  • SPELLS/Familiars/Steeds:
  • Spell component costs are waived.
  • Familiars are allowed with the assumption you would have already cast the spell, as it’s a long-term spell.
  • For the purpose of the Battle Royale, steeds (from “Find Steed”) can only take movement actions. Animal companions for beast master rangers and steeds for cavalier fighters will still work as they are written into the sub-classes rules.
  • Revivify won’t be allowed, as it isn’t in the spirit of the event.
  • REPEAT: Character sheets are due and locked by the 24th of April. They can be built using player-preferred methods (pdfs, apps, dndbeyond, etc) but must be approved by the GMs and locked in by Saturday, the 24th. Send them to Sarah or Fallaize via Discord DM.
  • Character Art for Tokens
  • Character art must be provided by the Player. We will make the tokens to make the teams visually match.
  • Disclaimer: Character art must be either original artwork or royalty/copyright free.
  • HEY!! If you’d like original art done for your character, Sarah is available to do a limited number of portraits at a time, £15 for a colour portrait/bust to be used for a token for anyone participating in the Battle Royale.

During the Battles:

  • PCs will be allowed 1 Action, Move, OR Bonus action before the fight begins. This cannot involve any other PC directly.
  • Each player will be allocated 2 minutes for their turn. If they go over time, they are defaulted to taking the Dodge action.
  • Flanking will grant Advantage.
  • Should potions become available, drinking one yourself is a bonus action. Feeding it to another player is an Action.
  • Players should NOT be watching on Twitch during their fight! That will result in instant disqualification for your team. (Watching *other* fights is encouraged.)
  • When a PC reaches zero HP, they will get their death saves as normal. Stabilizing and healing from unconsciousness is ok. If a full party is unconscious but stable then they lose.

And any PCs that are out-right dead but on are a winning team will be “resurrected” post-battle in preparation for their next round!

Any questions? Send it to me or Fallaize and we’ll be happy to help you out. Looking for a team? Come join the channel on Discord and we’ll sort you out. This is going to be a lot of fun! We’re really looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!

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