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Wayfarer’s League: 2021 Bring it On!

For most of us, 2020 was the worst; filled with uncertainty, fear, tragedy, loneliness and boredom. We were stretched beyond what we may have ever imagined, many of us to our breaking point. That being said, there have been some good that has been born out of spending a plethora of time locked away from our friends and family. We got creative with our resources and we discovered new passions, possibilities and, not to mention, hobbies.

COVID has done its best to separate us, but in the midst of this a surprising thing happened: we all realised our need for community. Perhaps, before last year some of us took this truth for granted. Now, because of our forced isolation, the fact that we are communal beings has made its way to the forefront of our consciousness. We need each other, now more than ever.

This is why we love our Wayfarer’s League. This unique, creative community was originally born out of two friends being inspired to provide a space for likeminded adventures to gather. As much as we still have plans to have our own physical space one day, our move online, due to this accursed pandemic, has been a surprising success! Since we launched on the 1st of September 202o we have:

  • Seen 191 people join us on Discord
  • Gained 12 patrons
  • Run 21 ones-shots
  • Organised 6 ongoing campaigns
  • Posted a weekly blog (Tuesday!)
  • Held monthly quiz nights
  • Started our very own GM Academy
  • Launched our Twitch stream with regularly scheduled content
  • Officially became Wayfarer’s League Ltd.

This really only scratches the surface of where we want to go with this and we cannot wait to see what 2021 holds!

Thank you so much for helping us bring in the new year with optimism! We couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds! Some of our ideas are:

  • Adding to our pool of lovely GMs, so that we can offer more games.
  • Launching an online market place for all you artisans who design geektastic wonders, so that you have a place to sell your wares.
  • Focusing on world building to create unique home-brew content, to eventually publish for purchase.
  • Running several different TTRPG systems to broaden our offering to the community.

With all of your support we can make these things a reality. We cannot wait for the moment when we will be able to invite you into our homes for in-person gaming! But, until then, we have something very special here that we will continue to nurture and grow. And even when we are in-person, our online community isn’t going anywhere. Our excitment for Wayfarer’s League continues to grow, having ignited from a humble spark in our collective imaginations just a year ago.

We want to hear your feedback! What have you loved about your experiences with Wayfarer’s? What would would like to see more of? Leave a comment! Drop us a line! And let us know how we can make this growing community better!

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