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Wayfarer’s League: How to get involved!

We grew up in the United States and November is a time for us reflect on the year and what we’re thankful for. This year, we unfortunately won’t have the opportunity to celebrate together in person, but we can’t let this month go by without taking stock of what we have. It’s been a long, hard year for all of us, and even though things have not gone to plan and we have all had to put several aspects of our lives on hold, we do have our Wayfarer’s League.

So, what are we thankful for? You. Our Wayfarers. Our players and GMs. You who have been with us since before the official launch, and those that have joined us after. You have helped make this happen!

It is genuinely a joy to watch the friends I (Sarah) have played games with for the past 6 years come together with friends I’ve known my entire life, and then add in those of you who were looking for a game on Facebook and I saw your request at the right time! I am 100% thankful for every one of you.

I (Katie) am thankful for the opportunity to run games on a global scale! I have been flabbergasted by how quickly we’ve grown and how far-reaching our intake has been thus far. I am especially thankful for the hard work that Sarah has put in to get this all started. I am grateful for her ability to connect people as well as her incredible artistic talent (not to mention how much her sisterhood means to me). The community we are building together is why we started this in the first place. So, thank you.

The growth of our community has been fun to watch. We love your enthusiasm for gaming and are so thrilled at the level of involvement that has taken place. We are awestruck that our games are full within minutes of being posted and we are blow away by the welcoming, creative, openminded and accepting vibe that has woven itself into our growing community.

We’re thankful for the games and stories we’re crafting! Our GMs have written engaging one-shots, are crafting homebrew stories and worlds, and sharing it with new and old players. Building characters, heroes, villains all together – this is what roleplaying games are all about! We do have a “tales from the table” channel on Discord for a reason.

(Let’s be honest, most of those stories do come from moments like this^)

That said, there is so much more we want to accomplish! Our plans continue to grow with our excitement. If you’d like to help support us and Wayfarer’s League, here’s a few places to start.

We recently launched a Patreon site. We only have two active teirs; what we lovingly call a “tip jar” and our “Wayfarer’s Membership.” The tip jar will give you access to patron messages as well as a private patron channel on our Discord server. The Membership will grant patrons first dibs on seats in all our games, as well as other perks. And it will ultimately all help support Wayfarer’s League!

We all know how hard your GMs work to prepare for each game and a lovely little token of gratitude would really go a long way to encourage them in their craft. If you’d like to support any of our GMs, you can use the “tip your GM” button on the website itself! (It’s on the top of the Events page.) Just let us know who you want the money to go to, and we’ll make sure it makes its way there.

We are building up and actively using our new Twitch Channel! Our schedule will slowly build up and get more consistent, which will include GM panels, select TTRPG games, drawing sessions with Sarah, and perhaps certain video games! We’re learning this one as we go, so like most things we’re doing, it’s an adventure. Ha! You can help support us here by following, subscribing (there’s a special thing where if you have a amazon prime account, you can subscribe to one twitch channel for FREE!) and watching.

Finally, if you have enjoyed your time with us, bring your friends to the table. Join our website mailing list, follow and share our blog, Instagram and Facebook posts. Get the word out that Wayfarer’s League is a safe haven in the midst of this crazy COVID world. A place where we can gather, enjoy each other’s company and where we can escape the confines of this world for a few hours at a time. We are in this together and through our adventuring, gaming, crafting and fellowship we can make it out of 2020 much stronger than we were when we came into it.

When going along a dangerous road always remember, there is safety in numbers.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

To Epic Adventuring,

Sarah and Katie

Wayfarer’s League Founders

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