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5 Great Games for Kids and Adults

Once upon a time there were a couple parents. These parents had young children, and while they enjoyed stimulating the minds of their progeny, they also felt their own going numb as they played Candyland for the 1,000,000th time. So here are my reccomendations if you’d like to add some flavour to your family game night:

1) Rhino Hero

This is a great card-stacking game where players take turns building an apartment complex out of cards. There is some basic game play as the cards have additional rules (like reversals, skips, draw +2), but these are easily ignores for the even younger members of your brood. The one element no one will want to leave out is SUPER RHINO. He’s lovely little wooden game piece that moves up the building when the Rhino Hero roof-card is used. When the building eventually falls, whoever TOUCHED the tower last is the loser. Everyone laughs, and we rebuild. My four year old loves this game, and it’s also a favourite of my drunk friends (don’t worry, they weren’t playing at the same time. Calm your tits.)

2) Jenga

It’s an old favourite, but works just as well for all ages! Build the tower, pull blocks from it without knocking the tower down, whoever knocks it down loses! Simple rules and fun. A bonus for the kids is when they get bored of playing the actual game they’ll just start building with the jenga pieces and you can get yourself a cup of tea! (AND it has the added bonus of being used in the Table Top RPG Dread, as a game mechanic of creating tension and suspense. I’ll be writing about that game in another blog post)

3) Tsuro

“The game of paths.” The straightforward game play is easily picked up, can handle 8 players, and the game length is short. The basic game involves laying tiles in front of your own game piece, creating your own path, and trying to be the last person standing. You lose by “falling off the board.” My nephew had fun saying “I don’t want to die” and “oh! I’m dead” throughout the game. At least he was having fun….? There is other editions that add to the basic game if you’re looking for something more intersting.

4) SET

This card game is about grouping patterns, shapes, colours, and quantity. It can be a bit tricky to get, so it isn’t for everyone. But it’s a great brain teaser for everyone and my kids love the challenge of finding SETs. I would say around 10-13 is a prime age for this one, and then well into adult years.

5) UNO

Maybe this is another “no, duh” mention. BUT It’s a classic for a reason. UNO is the card game of matching colours and numbers and it’s a lot of fun, no matter what age you are. You can also add in house rules to make things more interesting.

What game reccomendations do you have that makes the sprogs and the grans happy? Do you like my list? What colour is your T-Shirt today? Drop in a comment below! 😀

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