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Tabletop Game Review: Unstable Unicorns

I found Unstable Unicorns to be a delightfully dark take on your classic deck building strategy game. The aim is to be the first to acquire 7 (adorably insane) Unicorns for your stable, while simultaneously preventing the other players from doing likewise.

The game play is pretty easy: Activate any effects your stable may have acquired, (some are upgrades and some are nasty little downgrades). Then draw a card, play a card and finally discard a card. All the while, being amused by all the adorable and somewhat disturbing Unicorns you may discover.

You can play with 2-8 players and the recommended play time is 30-45 minutes. I found that when playing with a bigger group it takes far longer. It also takes a while for people to pick up on the fact that you can’t win by being nice.

This game may look innocent and cuddly on the surface with it’s rainbows and cutesy illustrations, but I would say that the recommended age of 14+ is well warranted, as the game will take a dark turn as soon as you find a Unicorn with a hockey mask and a chainsaw strapped to it’s horn!

The rules are clear, the artwork is cute yet disturbing and if you do what it takes to win, your friends may hate you forever… which makes it a real win for me! (MMMWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA)

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