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Wayfarer’s League: WHAT’S HAPPENED?!

I can’t believe it’s only been a month since our launch! The community we’re building up is just full of awesome people, and I’m so happy with the reception of our games. The GMs that have stepped up are top quality! And I’m working on the line-up of one-shots for November as I write this!

So…what has happened?

Since we made our website live on August 31st:

– We had our launch party on September 12th. It was a lot of fun with music, cocktail making and our raffle.

– We’ve had two character creation workshops for 5e

– A quiz night

– 2 boardgame nights

– 5 separate one-shots

And as we finish off the Halloween season, we’ve got 3 more one-shots! (There may still be spaces if you’re interested in playing.)

In November, we’ll continue with our Quiz and Boardgame nights. We’ll have one-shots popping up, so keep checking in on the events page! They fill up fast. Better yet, join our Discord server and follow Wayfarer’s League on our social accounts. I announce the events there! (We’re also discussing an online dinner party! but ssshhhhh… we haven’t settled on things yet.)

Finally, our success entirely depends on all of you. So, thank you to our wonderful community of gamers. You guys are the best.

Please share our blog posts, invite your friends to our games, and join in the chatter on Discord! We’ve got tons of ideas! This is only the beginning!

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