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Tabletop Game Review: Zombie Dice

I love Zombie dice. One thing that I really like about it, is that you can carry on conversations around the table as it’s so laid back. But it also has a fun level of tension and anticipation as you fight against the gods of chance! AND YOU’RE THE ZOMBIE.

The number of players is slated from 2-8, however, I’ve played at a table of 12! It’s labeled for 10+, but my 5 year old has played it without issue. It’s a game that’s easily played in any environment, as long as you have the space to roll dice and something to tally scores on.

At it’s core, the game design is essentially the game “Chicken,” as YOU decide when to stop your turn to collect points (if you’ve played Pass the Pigs, it’s a similar idea).

The dice have three images:




Brains = 1 point; Blast = hit; Feet = reroll.

The goal is to collect 13 brains (AND MOAR) over several rounds before anyone else. Each round, you will add to your total score. BUT if you roll three blasts during your turn, YOU GET NOTHING, as you’re dead….shot in the head. You disgusting Zombie.

During your turn, you will roll three dice at a time, EVERY time you roll (pulled blindly, you cheater!). After rolling, you’ll decide to continue (revealing your greedy nature) or to stop (exposing your cowardice).

To continue, you will need to replenish back to three dice, BECAUSE all BRAINS and BLASTS rolled are set aside during your turn as your score. Any FEET will remain in-hand to be rerolled (your prey is trying to run away!!) with newly added dice.

If you choose to stop, you tally your BRAINS and add them to your score. Play moves to the next player.

If during your turn, you get three BLASTS total, your turn ends immediately and you lose all your brains for that round. The game ends when a player’s total brain count reaches 13 BRAINS.

It’s a really accessible, easy game for all ages. I think the only reason you wouldn’t like it is if you don’t like zombies. But if that’s the case, pretend you’re….a warewolf or something? I don’t know. A collector of brains? That seems worse.

While we can’t play Zombie Dice over the internet very easily, we won’t be playing it during our monthly boardgame night. BUT we will be playing other fun games. If you’d like to join us, RSVP to Boardgame night on our events page and let us know you’re coming.

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