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Tabletop Game Review: The Mind

The Mind is the most addictive cooperative game you will never win! To be fair, it is less of a game and more of a social experiment asking the question, “How connected are we? “

This delightfully portable game will easily take over any day. The game play is simple, yet elegant. In the deck you will find four different types of cards. 100 number cards, 12 round cards, 5 life cards and 3 throwing star cards. Each round represents how many cards each player will hold; round one each player gets 1 card, round two each player gets 2 cards, and so on.

The aim is to put down your cards in numerical order using naught but your mind to communicate with the other players, so it is imperative you give yourselves a chance to make a psychic connection at the beginning of each round. I know you may be thinking, “Psychic connection? What a load of Bantha fodder!” Trust me, you’ll 100% need it!

Turns really don’t matter in this game, if you think you have the lowest number you go first. But if you happen to be wrong, the whole group loses a life, not to worry though, there are chances as you progress to win lives back (but don’t get too cocky). If you get stuck at any point, you have the option to use the throwing stars. These are easily forgotten, but incredibly useful, because upon using one, every player puts down their lowest card and then game play continues. The game ends when either, you’ve completed the highest round or, you run out of lives; either way I guarantee you will want to try again.

I have played this game, (what seems like) hundreds of times and still I have not managed to win. I even brought it along on an afternoon date and The Mind caused all our plans to be put to the wayside, while we obsessively attempted to get through to round 12. We managed to make it to round 11 before we were the last patrons at the pub. Best date ever!

The Mind is for ages 8+, 2-4 players and takes about 15 minutes per round. The more you play, I swear the more you want to! On a side note: it could also launch you into a career as a Telepath, so there really isn’t anything to lose by giving The Mind a try!

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