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The Story of the Wayfarer’s League

Hello friends, and welcome to the Wayfarer’s League. We are a community of table-top gamers, food lovers, and most of all, friends. We are very excited to finally get to share this space with you and hope you will join us on our journey.

We all know how journeys work. You make a plan for where you need to be and when. You choose a mode of transportation – be it on foot, horseback, schooner, space freighter or automobile. (Personally, I’m a big fan of “travelling by map.”) Take out a map and compass and get charting. The 21st century Human would perhaps plug in an address into an app and find the route that costs the least, or takes as little time as possible. Ideally both.

We also know the best journeys involve companions. And the best of those go into battle with you, who would dress your wounds before even taking a glance at their own, and who would be up for whatever harebrained scheme that may take your fancy. This, my dear friends, is where the Wayfarer’s League began.

On December 27th, in the not too distance past, two friends accidentally found themselves having brunch. They had stepped out of the house together, with plans to grab a coffee, and carry on with their journey. However, this was a rare occurrence in which they found themselves. On a normal day, they would be accompanied by one (or more) little ones, which adds chaos to every given moment. On this day, though, they were alone. There were no distractions. There was no reason to rush. There was just space to chat. So, they decided to get something to eat.

Naturally, as it was so close to the beginning of a new year, conversation shifted to plans for the future. Before this fated brunch, the two friends had many chats about creating something together. But that day was different and this conversation was made of magic. There was a buzz in the air and ideas started gushing from their minds, like a new wellspring.

“A space for adventuring and all sorts of games!” said one.

“With incredible food and drink!” said the other.

“It should feel like you’ve stepped into another world!”

“Yes! It will be place to build community!”

“A tavern!”


And so the conversation went on like this for a luxurious hour, and carried on as they walked home, peering into empty shop windows, and then beyond into the coming weeks. They were suddenly taking steps towards making their fantasy pipedream into an amazing reality. Their journey as Wayfarer’s had begun.

How far along in this journey have they come since that magical brunch? They pulled out their map and compass, but found a pandemic blocking the path they had originally chosen. But they would not be disheartened! This only gave them more resolve. Now is the time to gather companions and chart a new course!

After all, are we not all Wayfarers? Are we not all journeying through this adventure of life? Let us not journey alone; neigh, let us wander the path side by side, with our swords ever ready for whatever may befall us!

Join the Wayfarer’s League! We’re planning on frequent one-shots, and boardgame nights (all online, and according to GMT/BST). To keep updated on dates and times for these things, subscribe to our monthly broadsheet (aka newsletter), follow us on facebook, instagram, and twitter to keep apprised on the happenings, and join us on our Discord server to meet and chat with other Wayfarers. We really have so many ideas and plans that we are SO looking forward to sharing with you. We genuinely hope you’ll join us.

-Sarah and Katie-

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